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 Thoughts on preparing your house for sale.

Staging Your Home For Sale - It Is Worth The Work !

Here are some suggestions for increasing the saleability of your home:

  • Freshen up the home by painting walls a light, neutral color, such as antique white. Lighter colors appeal to a wider range of buyers and make each room look larger. Repaint walls done in dark colors that tend to make rooms appear smaller. Handprints and crayon marks on any walls are definitely not helping you sell for top-dollar!

  • Take a close look at the floor coverings in each room. If you have beautiful hardwood floors under the carpet, you will usually make money by removing the carpet. New carpeting in high visibility areas is rarely a bad decision. Ripped vinyl tile, or cracked ceramic tiles should be replaced to create the best visual presentation possible.

  • Allow as much natural light as possible to enter the house. Open up the draperies, blinds, or other window coverings and let the sunshine pour in. For showings during evening hours, we suggest having a light turned on in every room of the house to help chase the shadows away and expand the view of each room.

  • Removing the clutter of everyday life - Clean up your messy areas. Buyers frequently can understand that people actually live in a house for sale, but they generally don't appreciate messy, dirty areas with all the signals of an owner who really hasn't cared for their house as much as the buyer expects. Piles of dirty laundry, flithy bathrooms, unmade beds, dirty dishes and floors are all tip-offs to a lack of care (and a lower value). Don't forget the yard too. Good maintenance is illustrated in many ways.

  • Remove furniture and items from each room that may be excess or makes the room appear smaller than it actually is. Arrange what's left to create the best traffic pattern and most visually pleasing setting. Items that you don't intend to move, get rid of even before you let buyers in the front door.

  • Personal touches, now that you've removed the clutter from your home, by adding some nice but inexpensive accessories will greatly elevate the perception of the home. A new lamp, wall hanging, live plant, throw pillow, or replacing a broken mini-blind may be just the touch to make a buyer feel more comfortable in your home.

  • Go on a walk! Being gone when a buyer arrives will lower your level of stress and make the house easier to sell. People will spend more time thereby giving the house a better chance to sell itself. The Realtors will be able to sell the positives and overcome the negatives of the property if you're not there listening or throwing in your opinions. Let the Realtors do their job! Your dog will appreciate the exercise too!


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